What is the vivienda GeoSolar®
de carbono positivo

Grupo INDEX offers to you a new type of avant-garde housing not only for its fully customizable design, but also for its production and energy saving systems.

Ahead of legal obligations and European regulations, we build carbono positivo houses that take advantage of solar and geothermal energy to improve energy consumption and home climate control.

The casa geosolar®  is even more efficient than the passive house. You will achieve significant savings on your bills, in addition to contributing to the fight against climate change. Cutting-edge technology in sustainability at the best price and with the possibility of financing.

Advantages of Vivienda GeoSolar® de carbono positivo


We create  positive energy districts with houses that are capable of generating more clean energy than they consume (carbono positivo).

The geothermal system avoids large temperature fluctuations due to the constant temperature of the subsoil and better insulation.


Houses equipped with solar panels that make use of up to 100% of the productive surface area.

They generate savings of up to 164€ per month in electricity, heating and hot water.   

In 30 years you can save over 69.000 euros. 


 Faithful to its commitment to fight against global warming, GRUPO INDEX offers you a VIVIENDA GESOLAR®  based on clean technologies capable of saving 173,000 Kilos of CO2 to the atmosphere.

This is equivalent to not cutting down 92 hectares of forest or not burning 87 tons of charcoal. 

Finance your Vivienda GeoSolar® de carbono positivo

The VIVIENDA GEOSOLAR® de Carbono Positivo  not only saves and respects the environment, but also helps you with financing.

GRUPO INDEX offers you a GREEN MORTGAGE. Contact us for more information.

La VIVIENDA GEOSOLAR no sólo ahorra y respeta el medioambiente, sino que también te ayuda con la financiación. 

GRUPO INDEX te ofrece una HIPOTECA VERDE creada en exclusiva por el Banco Santander y Bankinter. 



Upcoming viviendas GEOSOLARES® construction

All the houses in these developments are equipped with the latest technology in terms of air conditioning with our innovative sistema GEOSOLAR® , thanks to the incorporation of geothermal energy capable of heating your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with underfloor heating and the use of its large solarium for the placement of photovoltaic panels. You will consume less energy than you produce, start saving on your bills.

This cutting-edge system in sustainability and energy savings, together with the good thermal insulation included in this state-of-the-art home, will allow savings of more than 59,000€ in the first 30 years.

Up to 4 bedrooms

From 334 – 369 m²

From 359.900

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